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Did you think I would not know it was you, came the words in the Shadow dialect.

She orgasmed against his fingers as they sunk in deep, her core firing off round after round of pleasure.That’s my queen, she heard him say from a vast distance. Come for me…

There was no knowing how many times he plied her with that talented touch of his, but eventually, she became aware of the car taking a fat turn that shifted her in the seat. Focusing her glazed eyes through the darkened window, she saw that they were getting off the highway, about to enter the complicated asphalt arteries that fed the countless skyscrapers.I ruined your lipstick, he said with satisfaction as he tidied himself up. Did you bring more?Now she was the one with the case of the huh-what’s? Let me see if there’s some in here. She fumbled with the slim black purse Marissa had given her. Yup, they’ve got us covered.

As if the females had known exactly what kind of trouble she was likely to get into, there was a tiny packet of tissues, the lip liner they had taught her how to use, and the fabulous red lipstick they’d put on her.There’s a mirror up there. Trez stretched out his long arm and popped something down from the ceiling. And it’s lighted.

She checked herself out and had to laugh. Yup, I think you cleaned it all off.

A tissue took care of the smudging and then it was a case of carefully making a line around her mouth—while the car bumped over a road that was mostly, but not completely, even.It matters not. Just make sure she’s paid enough to be willing.

He expected questions. There were none.Zypher merely inclined his head. As you wish.

Xcor wheeled away, prepared to hunt and fight and kill. And before jogging off, he glared over his shoulder. Blonde. I want a blonde. And she must have long hair.With a nod, Xcor ran down the alley, his combats thundering over the rough pavement. Sniffing the breeze, his brain filtered through the smells of diesel fumes and cheap restaurants, and humans that were homeless and unbathed, and rotting fish in the river.