This Lullaby Moon Dance (Vampire for Hire #1)

I know, I do, but thats exactly why I have to stay, she said with a sad smile. I cant leave everyone defenseless. Tilda and Kaspers families are still here, not to mention Juni Sköld, Simon Bohlin, and Linus Berling, and so many other of our friends. She paused. I wont leave Delilah.

Just because Im pregnant doesnt mean I wont hurt you if you try anything, Tilda warned Konstantin, and I knew that she meant it.Despite my assurances that Konstantin was on our side, Tilda was reluctant to trust him. I suppose having her husband killed by someone Id trusted made her question my judgment, and I couldnt really blame her for that.

I already told you, Im not going to try anything, Konstantin said, exasperated. I shouldve taken the Mustang.Its better if we ride together, Ridley explained to him again. Well draw less attention, and the last thing any of us want is to garner attention from either the Kanin or Viktors men.Konstantin let out a heavy sigh, and I looked up in the rear-view mirror to watch him sulking in the backseat. This is gonna be a long ride to Storvatten.

Yesterday, after wed gotten back from the meeting with Wendy and Bain where they explained that the Kanin had declared war on the Skojare, we all sat down and talked about what we were going to do. I had already made up my mind that I was going to Storvatten, and Konstantin quickly volunteered to go with me.Ridley had slowly warmed to the idea. Even though he wanted to do everything he could to avoid getting captured by the Kanin, he knew that the Skojare needed us, and despite his misgivings, he wasnt about to stand by and do nothing.

Id wanted Tilda to stay behind in Förening, where shed be safer, but she insisted on coming with us. She wanted to do something to help stop the people who were indirectly responsible for Kaspers death. And as of late, shed been working as a captain in the Kanin army, helping train the soldiers. She would be an excellent asset for the Skojare in helping them get their troops in shape.

So wed headed out to Storvatten that morning with a light drizzle following us everywhere we went. It soon became apparent that the eight-hour drive from Förening to Storvatten was going to be even longer than normal, thanks to the frequent pit stops needed by Tilda.So instead I simply said, I know.

I dont know why youre avoiding him, but I know you are, Tilda said, and she raised her hand to silence me before I could stutter out some kind of excuse. It doesnt matter right now. I just think you should go talk to him before it gets even harder to.Ridley was still standing on the other side of the room. Kaspers dad had been talking to him, but the conversation appeared to be finishing up, leaving Ridley alone again.

The bride is always right on her wedding day, Tilda added. So you know Im right when I say that you need to do this.I took a fortifying breath then finished my glass of wine in one large gulp. Okay. I stood up, smoothing out my bridesmaid dress, and looked down at Tilda. Will you be okay here by yourself, or do you want me to wait?