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This time, I’ll make you pay.

I don’t know who she speaks of, but I understand what she means. I run outside and unlock the second cage. A man lies within, unmoving, his back bloody, his gut covered in recent wounds stitched back together. I check his pulse. "He’s alive!"Kayla falls to his side, clutching him dearly. "Oh, thank the Spirits. Tavian. Tavian, please wake up."

Someone grabs my shoulder from behind. Fen. "We must go. Before it’s too late." He glances at Kalya. "I am glad you are safe, sister."She looks back at him. "Go. Make Levi pay."When we reach upstairs, it's chaos. The slaves have taken advantage of the rebellion and attack the guards using kitchen knives. Brooms. Anything they can grab. Some manage to kill a vampire and take their sword. Baron joins the fray, tearing out the throat of a soldier. Viscously striking at anyone he deems an enemy.

Our party carves our way through the hallways, avoiding as much combat as possible. Sometimes soldiers rush to fight us, but then they see Fen, drenched in the blood of his enemies, Dean, with the thrill of battle in his eyes, and Asher, swift despite new wounds. They see me, clad in the colors of midnight, a dragon upon my shoulder. And then the soldiers flee.A group of Fae block the path ahead. And I recognize Kara with her golden hair and Julian with her green eyes, the Fae girls who tended to my needs in Stonehill and later at Sky Castle. They fight off their attacker, a man soaked in blood, a sword in his hand. Before he can strike I rush forward.

The girls scream. Then they see me. And their eyes fill with hope.

"Go," I say. "Find a room and bar the door. Don’t come out until you hear no more battle." They nod and disappear down the hallway.Fenris heals quickest of all. Whatever power he unleashed to save Arianna did not drain him for long. And he seems to have taken an interest in the Fae texts since then. Once, I saw him on a balcony, speaking to Varis about something. I suspect it was about unlocking more of his abilities.

A week after the battle, Fenris, Dean, and I meet in the War Room. It is not the first time and likely won't be the last. "We must find Arianna," says Fenris, motioning to maps of the Outlands. "We must send every warrior we can spare to look for her.""Caution, brother," I say, adjusting my suit collar and finding no way to make it comfortable. "You forget, we never found Levi. Likely he escaped and is mustering an army with Niam to retake Stonehill. Zeb and Ace are likely to join them as well."

Fenris growls. "Do what you wish with your soldiers. But I go after Arianna."Dean sighs, pulling off his shirt, though I cannot say why. "So do I," he says. "I will send my best men to search for her."