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Well, I fancy Cory, too, Jude said, watching me closely, while his foot brushed against mine beneath the chair. Quite a bit.

He squeezed my elbow, and we cut the corner, almost jogging.My laughing stopped when we walked through the glass doors to the skyscraper where we lived. Vicious punched the elevator button three times in a row and started pacing, waiting for it to ping open. He ran his hand through his inky black hair.

Rosie’s home, I said, swallowing hard.He turned around to look at me, and I swear it looked like his erection was going to break through his zipper, or his zipper was going to break his erection. Either way, it was going to hurt.We’ll go up to the penthouse, he said, shoving a hand deeper into his tousled hair and tugging impatiently.

She could bump into us in the elevator. Or the hallway. Or…Truly, I didn’t care about Rosie catching us. I was a grown-up, and besides, we’d both brought men over to our old studio on occasion. When it happened, the other sister would make herself scarce. Nope. I was clearly stalling, and I didn’t know why.

Fine. We’ll grab a taxi. The Mandarin isn’t that far. It’s a long shot this time of the year, but they might have a room or two available. If not, there’s always the bathroom at Starbucks. He turned around and started stalking toward the entrance.

I grabbed his hand and stopped him, and our eyes met. Really, Vicious? After ten years of waiting, that’s how you want to do this? In a hotel, in the middle of the morning?Donnie parked his van down the street from the Barrett house. He’d had it with these people. He was tired of being jerked around. That applied to his client as well. He’d killed two people for that loser. Sure, he’d enjoyed the act, but he still deserved to be compensated for his effort and risk. Motherfucking coward was too chicken to do his own dirty work. Well, he was going to pay up. Donnie was a killer. Nobody was going to fuck with him.

His mind wandered back to the night he’d strangled his girlfriend. Her death was an accident, but what a rush! Donnie still got chills thinking about his submissive’s final session. That night was going to be hard to beat. He was going to have to find a new place to crash. Even on ice, she’d been getting ripe enough for the neighbors to smell. It was far too risky to go back to her trailer. But first, he needed to get this job behind him.He opened the back of the van and pulled out a backpack. Mentally, he tacked an extra 10 percent on to his invoice. His aggravation and effort didn’t come cheap. Shrugging into the backpack, Donnie took out the gas cans and headed down the street. If he couldn’t find that motherfucking one piece of evidence, he’d destroy it. It had to be in that house somewhere. If the house was incinerated, the evidence would be history, and the little fucker who’d IDed him would be gone, too. Donnie was never going back to prison.

Enough was enough. He was through with this shit. In the next ten minutes, the whole cluster would be behind him.He’d find his client, demand his payment, and be on a fucking beach in fucking Florida by fucking next weekend.