Black Halo (Aeons' Gate #2) Destined (House of Night #9)

No, of course not. Were early, Linnea assured her with a warm smile, and she gestured to the table. Please, sit. Join us.

I shrug. It was boring. I just sat around all day, waiting for something to happen.Welcome to school, Jazz says, and laughs.

We walk down a footpath between brick buildings to a parking area, and along to a dented two door car. It is mostly red, but with bits patchworked here and there in other colours.Ladies, your chariot, Jazz says, and bows.I grab the door handle, and then think Ive got it wrong.

Allow me, there is a bit of a knack, Jazz says. He pulls the handle and puts one foot up on the side of the car for leverage, and yanks hard.Amy holds the front seat while I climb into the back, wondering if this is a good idea.

Wheres the seat belt?

There isnt one; it broke. Just hold on tight, he says.I glanced out at the lake behind her and remembered a line that Ridley had read from the fairy tale book on the train. The water of Isolera will sustain all who dream of it. There was some serious magic here. Maybe it was the near drowning, but its power had begun to unnerve me.

Did you call for me? I asked Linnea, pulling my gaze from the lake back to her. In the lysa?Yes! Linnea beamed. And I am so happy it worked! My grandma had trained me to use it in case of an emergency, but Id never been very good. It uses so much energy, but I think the magic of this place helped strengthen me.

But why me? I shook my head. Why not your grandma or your husband?I was afraid that if I got to Mikko or Nana, they would mistakenly title1= the guards to search for me, and I dont trust the guards, Linnea explained. I wasnt sure if anyone without Skojare blood would be able to find Lake Isolera, and you were the only Skojare I knew who wasnt connected with Storvatten.