Not now, Frank, I said without stopping. She gave him a get real look. Yeah. I’ve heard that before.

You need to be punished for that little stunt you pulled earlier. Making my dick hard and swollen like that… He makes a grunting sound of disapproval, and my pulse spikes. I can read the need written all over his features, in his tight posture. The need to punish me is flaring inside him, and that excites the fuck out of me. What’s happening to me?

I have tried to speak with him, Sarah ground out, because that is what people do at social functions. But he never replies how he ought.How he ought? Honoria echoed.

He makes me uncomfortable, Sarah said with a sniff. And I’m fairly certain he does not like me.Don’t be silly, Honoria said. Everyone likes you.No, Sarah said, quite frankly, everyone likes you. I, on the other hand, lack your kind and pure heart.

What are you talking about?Merely that while you look for the best in everyone, I take a more cynical view of the world. And I . . . She paused. How to say it? There are people in this world who find me quite annoying.

That’s not true, Honoria said. But it was an automatic reply. Sarah was quite sure that given more time to consider the statement, Honoria would realize that it was quite true.

Although she would have said the same thing anyway. Honoria was marvelously loyal that way.Obviously someone was trying to scare you, he went on, lowering the volume of his radio. And it worked. They must have gotten in through your window. Officer Brandis is up there. We’re going to get a crime unit out here to dust for prints, and then we’ll take the damn thing down.

I stepped away from Jensen, letting the words sink in as I tugged my still damp hair back from my face. Fake. Someone had broken into my house to hang a fake person.I didn’t even know what to do with that.

It could be a prank, but with the recent events I think you should find someone else to stay with, he suggested.I think that’s a good idea. Jensen placed his arm over my shoulders. You could stay with your dad.