Chain Reaction (Perfect Chemistry #3) How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire (Love at Stake #1)

And the royals, after Lucien and I had sent the Bogges invisible malice after them, had backed off. For now. I kept my shields up—around myself and the others, the strain now a constant headache that had any extra sort of magic feeling feeble and thin. The reprieve on the border hadnt done much—no, itd made the strain worse after Id sent my power through the wall.

He did not, Mor said, and the shadows that Azriel had indeed been subtly weaving around himself vanished. Azriel has never once said anything that awful. Only you, Cassian. Only you.The general of the High Lords armies stuck out his tongue. Mor returned the gesture.

Amren scowled at Rhys. Youd be wise to leave both of them at home for the meeting with the others, Rhysand. Theyll cause nothing but trouble.I dared a peek at Lucien—just to gauge his reaction.His face was indeed controlled, but—a hint of surprise twinkled there. Wariness, too, but … surprise. I risked another glance at Nesta, but she was watching her plate, dutifully ignoring the others.

Rhys said, It remains to be seen if theyll be joining us. Lucien looked at him then, the curiosity in that one eye unmistakable. Rhys noted it and shrugged. Youll find out soon enough, I suppose. Invitations are going out tomorrow, calling all the High Lords to gather to discuss this war.Luciens hand tightened on his fork. All?

I wasnt sure if he meant Tamlin or his father, but Rhys nodded nonetheless.

Lucien considered. Can I offer my unsolicited advice?I closed my eyes, my chest unbearably tight. I know.

Hell be looking for me, she whispered.I know, I said again. Not Lucien—she wasnt talking about him at all.

We were supposed to be married next week.I put a hand on my chest, as if itd stop the cracking in there. Im sorry.