So, what? You just called a friend to pretend to be him? No, I get it.

Etta held her breath, her body straining with pain and alarm, but the men seemed to agree with Sophia’s assessment.

‘It’s been a long, horrible day, Marcie.’‘Is every day a long day for you, Erika?’ Marcie said, standing and flinging the rest of her tea into the sink. It splattered up the tiles.

‘I’m sorry.’‘No one else from Paul’s department thinks it's okay to come round and make inappropriate house calls in the middle of the night.’‘This isn’t…’

‘What’s so special about you?’‘Nothing. We’ve known each other a long time, and I didn’t want to discuss it over the phone,’ said Erika.

Marsh came back through the kitchen door. He looked at the scene in front of him: Marcie standing over Erika with her finger pointing, about to say something.

‘Marcie, could you excuse us?’‘Lately?’ grinned Marsh. Despite the situation, Erika grinned back.

‘Have you ever read any of Stephen Linley’s books?’ asked Marsh.‘Marcie downloaded one of them, Night Descending, to read on our last holiday… She couldn’t get past the first four chapters.’

‘He seems to enjoy torturing women.’‘They are crime thrillers, sir.’