Six workers found trapped in illegal underground tobacco factory in Spain Remains of teenager found in lion enclosure at Pakistan safari park

Put your hands here. He took my wrists, placing my hands on his shoulders instead. Then he slowly leaned forward, planting sweet kisses along my inner thigh. I writhed, trying to push myself closer, and balled my fists into his shirt.

I bit my lip and smiled. I wanted to yell, see, Cooper, I have something going for me. I’m not so laughable a catch. I’m an artist.So as far as relationship goals go, Rachel said. Would appreciating your art be just as good as being an artist? Because if so, you need to ask mystery boy out.

Yes! You should, Cooper said.Appreciating art would be a close second to being an artist. Good thing you have so much detailed information about who he is, Rachel.Minor setback.

The movie started on the large screen in front of us, music blasting out of the speakers.Rachel leaned close to my ear. I need to go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back. She scurried off.

Cooper moved onto his stomach, positioning himself alongside me so our shoulders were touching. He started drawing stick figures in the sand next to my art. Just you and me this summer, kid, he said.

My heart gave a jump at those words. We’re over him, I reminded my heart. He’s one of your best friends, after all. We could handle a summer alone with Cooper Wells. Yep. I reached over and added wheels onto the bottom of one of his stick men. You racing at the dunes this week? Cooper raced his quad in an amateur local league put together by some serious quad lovers.Boys, dinner! I called.

I realized the extra commotion I heard from the living room meant Knox had arrived home. My stomach somersaulted and suddenly food was the last thing on my mind.Knox entered the kitchen and his weary expression found mine. McKenna?

What are you…I made dinner.