Most Wanted (Love Slaves of the Alphas #1) Hater (Hater #1)

Tracing his mouth with my fingertip, I smiled as he nipped me gently.

I helped my brother.And I did my best to remain true to the soul inside me rather than outside influences trying to change me.

I existed truthfully and that was all that mattered.I wouldnt lie and say I didnt miss him. I missed the relationships with those I cared about. I missed my home, my possessions, my future. I missed worldly items because I knew Id never see them again.Jethro hadnt been easy to love. Hed been the cause of my sisters pain, my hard childhood. Hed been…difficult. But hed also been the most loyal, loving, coolest brother I couldve ever asked for.

Hed earned forgiveness for his issues. And I liked to think Id played my part in helping him become a better person—a person who could live an easier life with his condition.My time was over; my existence almost done.

And although I was sad to go, I wasnt afraid.

And because I existed, I could never un-exist.Id eaten and tended to my wounds in the airplane bathroom. Id patched up my gunshot wound as best I could and added a Band-Aid to the cut on my forehead. I asked the flight crew to give me the first-aid kit and took what pills I could to lower my incessant fever and subdue the aches and pains I didnt have time to deal with.

When we finally traded air for earth, I wasnt recharged or ready for carnage, but I was better than Id been a few hours ago.I had enough energy to finish this…and then…then I would sleep for a fucking eternity and let others worry about the world for a change.

Once she was in my arms, I was never letting her go again.Looking through the taxi windshield, my eyes widened at the countless cars and SUVs decorating the entrance to the Hall. All of them black and threatening—waiting for commands.