Pompeo says violence in Afghanistan must stop for peace process to move forward Listing Americans held in Iran by name, Obama says Tehran needs to free them

The least I can do is be present when he texts, and I can’t do that unless I’m home.

She’s coming with us, he says.Oh. I didn’t think I’d be able to take her to a food place.

We can take her where we’re going.Okay. I’ll just grab her harness and lead.I grab her stuff from the kitchen, go back to the living room, and put them on her.

Yep. I’ll just grab your car keys.No need. I’ve got a car waiting downstairs.

Oh. Well, okay. Lead the way then.

He takes hold of my free hand, and he leads me and Gucci into the elevator.Dean nods, adjusting the black hood over his face. "How do you know?"

I just do. Something else I couldn’t do before. My brother and I both wear cloaks, his black, my brown, and light leather beneath. We should look like travelers, likely nobility, judging by our horses and swords, but not very important. Important people would be on a barge after all. Baron would appear a black dog to anyone who would look. An odd companion, but not unheard of in these lands.After I don’t respond, Dean shrugs. "You scare me sometimes, you know. The things you can do. It’s not like the rest of us."

I grin. "Saying I make you shit your pants?""No… but I’m not sure Levi can say the same."