Sand Omnibus The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ (Canongate Myth #16)

It seemed like the most natural thing in the world to do what he said, and the sensation of her own fingertips going over her skin made shivers rush down her body.

‘Christ,’ said Caroline. ‘Is there anywhere we can get a drink round here?’‘I think he’s asking us to sit down,’ said Issy.

‘Well, I can see what you were like at school,’ said Caroline.‘Yeah, likewise,’ said Issy, steering her gently up the aisle and passing over her mulled wine. Caroline tasted it and made a face. Everyone had started shuffling in and Issy couldn’t see a seat anywhere. All eyes were on Caroline in her bright tight dress. Issy was burning up.Finally they landed right at the front.

‘Oh God,’ said Caroline loudly. ‘I think I’ve seen enough, actually.’ She stared meaningfully at the teacher on stage.‘I will take you out,’ said Issy warningly.

‘What?’ said Caroline. ‘We’re paying for this school, I think we deserve to see how it stacks up.’

‘Actually it’s a publicly funded school so everyone’s paying for it,’ said Issy. ‘It can kind of do what it likes.’When all he could do was grunt, she assumed the position behind his head, keeping her hands just under the now-bent bar.

Three… she counted. Two more. One … good. You got it.As she helped guide the load back into its holding position, he flopped his forearms onto his chest and caught his breath.

Novo put her face in his line of vision. I think you need to take a break.I got at least four more sets in me.