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Her fingers gripped the door handle and her head sank back.

She nods. yeah, because you should. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t know it was hard.Then why did you say it like it was easy?

Because you needed to do it and I knew that you could. no one wants to do it.Yeah, well, no one else has to.I want her to leave and I think she knows that.

I’m sorry about the other night. I was out of line. I’m truly sorry, she says.It’s fine, I say, and I mean it. It is fine. I should be apologizing too, but I just don’t want to talk to anyone right now.

All right, well, I’m going to go, she says. she gathers herself and leaves.

I love you, she says.She must have felt the same way I had. It wasn’t pity, just sadness. Quinn was a private, mysterious guy. Did his parents’ political status have anything to do with it? It must have been tough growing up with expectations, maybe equal parts from your parents as from the public. It felt like pieces of the puzzle were beginning to fall into place.

Um, Quinn mumbled, staring at me as if he was checking whether or not I thought it was an okay idea.Why not? I shrugged. Besides, we’re bringing home lots of dessert from the diner.

His cheek quirked into a grin. I do love these pies.Plus, my mom has been slaving in the kitchen all morning creating a feast, I said, trying to sell him on the idea. I didn’t want him to be alone. At least I told myself that was the only reason. I think you’ll enjoy it.