If There's No Tomorrow A Wind of Change (A Shade of Vampire #17)

Mrs. Wattlesbrook cleared her throat. She looked uncomfortable—the way a boulder looks when it doesn’t like where it’s sitting.

"You ungrateful bastard!" I cried, splashing him with water from the tub. "I already saved your life. I think giving my bikini top back is the least you can do."Jax looked down at his wet t-shirt. "Not quite, Pepper. I saved you when I helped you onto the band bus, which I didn’t have to do. Right now, I’m holding onto your top, which I also don’t have to do. If I let it go, it blows out onto Interstate 80—if we’re talking about the least I could do."

I was mortified. I knew men like Jax didn’t always play fair, but I didn’t expect him to really hold my bikini hostage. "I can’t believe I used to be attracted to you," I said, scowling."Believe whatever you want. You’re the one topless in the hot tub. If you want this back," he said, gesturing toward the top, "you’re going to offer me something. And you know what I want. I’m looking right at it." His eyes directed straight at me sent an unwelcome desire fluttering through my belly.I inhaled sharply. "Dude, I’ve told you before, and I don’t want to have to tell you again. My job—"

"Yes, I’m sure the people at Hans-Peterson take professionalism very seriously. Are you the same Riley I met Saturday night? Picks locks, dodges security guards?""My boss wasn’t going to find out I picked a lock. This could get back to him."

"You’d be just as fired if he found out about the night you got me half-undressed. What can they do, fire you twice?"

Fuck. He had me there. At this point, Palmer would probably throw me out onto the streets of Manhattan if he heard the whole truth. Which made things worse, because the other reasons I didn’t want to sleep with Jax were a lot more difficult to talk about than potential HR problems. "But if one of the band members tells them . . ."I, uh. . . She stopped to laugh. I wasn’t aware until this precise and awkward moment that when startled in a strange place, my instincts would have me pretend to be a ninja.

Mr. Nobley put the back of his hand to his mouth to cough. Or was it really a laugh? No, Mr. Nobley had no sense of humor.Excuse me, then, I probably have a secret mission somewhere. She started to walk past him toward the house, but - grabbed her arm to stop her.

Wait just a moment, please. He looked around as if making sure they weren’t observed, then led her rather forcefully the side of the house where the moon and lamplight did touch them.He did. Miss Erstwhile, I believe it is in your best interest to tell me what you are doing out here.