A Beautiful Lie (Playing with Fire #1) Memories of Midnight

Mere inches away from the untouched van on the crossing was the engine of a huge freight train, heaving like a living thing. Nina thought she was going to throw up again.

Inside, the mirror over the double sinks gave her a wide-angle view of him as he stopped in between the doorjambs and proceeded no farther.Just give me something to wipe the blood off. His eyes moved over the claw-foot tub, the glassed-in shower in the corner, the banks of windows that were dark. I’ll take care of it.

His huge mass and all the black clothes were completely out of place among the pale marble and the crystal and gold accents—and a shiver of thrill went through her. He was standing in a place she was naked in on a regular basis.She wasn’t sure why this occurred to her or even seemed so erotic. But it did.Elise pulled a monogrammed hand towel off a gold bar and cranked on the gold faucet. Putting her fingers under the rush, she waited for the water to—

It doesn’t need to be warm, he muttered.It seemed silly to argue with him. So she just stood there until the temperature was right, and then wet the terry cloth.

Just give it to me, he demanded as he held out his hand.

Squeezing the excess free, she went over and put the towel into his palm. Be careful—whoa! What are you doing?She laughed. Deal. And I don’t know. I guess we’ll have to see what the future holds.

I know one thing that’s coming, he drawled, eyes going hooded.Her mate rose from the floor and circled her waist with his warm hands. Leaning down, he whispered, I’m going to be the one helping you out of this dress later.

Laughing, she put her arms around his neck and arched into him. Does that mean I get to take your pants off at the end of the night?Oh, God… he groaned. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees …