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My tongue swirled around her finger, tasting salt and orchid-frost that was a scent uniquely Tess. I can’t? My teeth nipped her fingertip. Why not? Could you come like this with nothing else? Keeping her finger in my mouth, I dropped my free hand and cupped her brashly between her legs. Or do you need this to be fucked in order to release?

The way he took me held no remnants of our argument or uncertainty. There was no fear or questions. Only the knowledge we belonged to each other forever.Every time he thrust, I pushed back to meet him. Water splashed all around us, licking up the sides of the pool and echoing in the space. My lungs strained as Q grunted and rutted, taking me deep and thorough.

My hands ached to touch him. To dig my fingernails into his ass and scratch long bloody trails down his spine. I wanted to make him bleed. I wanted to love and adore him, autograph and implore him.My pussy swelled for another release, heating and begging as a swirling orgasm started in my heart, working its way through my nerve endings.Take me, Tess. Every last inch of me. Q bit my ear, losing finesse as he chased what we both needed. His hands roamed every inch—squeezing my thighs, my hips, my breasts. When he rolled my nipples, the percolation inside turned into a nucleus inside my core, just waiting for the final spark to unleash.

My heart rate ratcheted as I fought for pleasure.Christ, you look stunning like this. Wet and panting. Bare and begging.

My legs wrapped tighter around his waist as he increased his speed. His hand dove between us, rubbing my tender, bitten clit. I want to come, esclave. I want to fucking come so bad inside you.

I flinched as intensity became my enemy.What if he never comes back? Milo asked, and I shot him a glare. Sorry. But you know, what if it’s a really long time?

Then I’ll just wait forever if I have to, I decided. I’ll be like Snow White, and you can just put me in one of those glass cases until Jack comes and gives me true love’s kiss.Oh, Snow White, that’s a good costume for you. He touched my hair. With your pale skin and dark hair, we could totally make that work.

Is she coming with? Bobby asked, appearing in the doorway behind Milo. He was wearing a white shirt, unbuttoned down his chest, with a black vest and tight pants. I was about to guess for some kind of pirate, and then I saw the laser blaster in his belt.Are you Han Solo? I raised my eyebrow at him.