Which is where? Trust me, okay? Let me talk to him.

Good, Wilder said, turning around to watch me. Little John says most of the bones are broken in Gabe’s legs, and at least one in his arm. Not sure about his ribs.

I stood in my doorway as she hugged Leah, then grabbed a bottle of wine for the table. Every movement was graceful, just like she was. My mind took flight and imagined another Thanksgiving in a few years, where maybe there would be smaller versions of ourselves running around, and for once, the prospect of true adulthood didn’t terrify the shit out of me.Because I couldn’t fail if Rachel was with me. We balanced each other out, traded off times when we each needed help. We were strong, but together we were invincible.

Holy shit, I’m in love with her, I whispered.Just now figure that out, Captain Obvious? Penna said as she walked by.I stood there speechless until she turned around.

Penna stopped. Wait, are you seriously just figuring that out? Because we’ve all known for a good three years or so.My mouth hung slightly open as I shook my head. No. I mean, yes. I mean… Hell, I don’t know.

Words typically help, she said, hobbling back to me.

I knew I never stopped loving her, not really. But…I’m in love with her. Completely, heart-shatteringly, madly in love with her.There was a sliding sound and another thud.

So I’m going to stoop to bribery, I said. I know how much you loved this lifestyle, and I’m going to use it shamelessly. We’re doing a hang gliding stunt off the Lion Rock the day after the Pacific Cultures trip. If you agree to one conversation with me, just to let me explain, I’ll take you with me, tandem.My heart sank a little every second she didn’t answer until I was sure that my last-ditch effort wasn’t going to amount to anything. Finally, I conceded the battle and started to walk away.

I was halfway down their hallway when her door opened.I turned so fast I nearly smacked into the wall…again.