Deeper Than Midnight (Midnight Breed #9) Silver Flame (Vampire Girl #3)

Only for a while, I said. Besides, what harm can he do? The realms are ancient. They are hard to change from their ways. And if he does something disagreeable, then we will undo it upon our return. I pause. Though these circumstances are not ideal, Arianna must come first. She must.

My stomach knotted as I wrapped arms around myself. Kess friendship had been invaluable, but now, itd become priceless knowing every touch and joke had come out of respect for my mother.In a way, it couldve cheapened Kess kindness to me—knowing hed been asked to do so—but I didnt see it that way. I saw it as a selfless deed, and I was confident enough in our mutual affection that he hadnt just done it for Emma. Hed done it for himself, for whatever bond blossomed between us.

Jethro came closer, moving behind me to envelop me in a hug. My back fell into his chest, my head tilting to the side for his kisses to land on my neck. She also asked him to give you the Weaver Journal. I knew you thought that was a tool for my family to spy on your thoughts. That we were the ones to create such a tradition. But we didnt.His lips trailed lovingly over my collar to my ear. That was a Weaver secret and at least one Hawk in every generation kept it hidden. Kes was tasked to give it to you. But he wasnt asked to tell you why hed given it. It was yours to do what you wanted—write in it or not. Read it or ignore it. The choice was yours.How could I learn so much in such a few short sentences? How could I fall in love with the dead even more than when they were alive?

Spinning in Jethros hold, I pressed my face against his chest. Thank you. Thank you for telling me.His embrace tightened. Thank you for making your mothers premonitions come true.

We stood still for so many heartbeats, thanking the dead, reliving the secrets, rejoicing in the rightful end.

Finally, Jethro let me go. Open it. And then well join the others.Her shoulders rise into a shrug. Sure, why not? I could use three hundred dollars.

People dont surprise me very often, but Sexy Librarian…she just shocked the shit out of me. Three hundred dollars?No offense, but Im not giving you more than half the money; thats not part of the deal.

She lifts her earbuds, placing one back in her ear, then the other with a smug, satisfied smile. See you around then, Oz.I catch her eyes rolling again before her neck bends, pen flying into motion as she goes back to studying.