The Rise of the Hotel Dumort (The Bane Chronicles #5) Left Behind

Right. She trusts me, and what better way to affirm that than my erection digging into her ass crack?

Is that what this is about? Do you even have two dates on the same night?Yes! I swear I have two dates next Friday night.

Then how about you do the right thing and cancel one of them?Lucy glares across the table. Youre the worst freaking twin.I laugh into my burger, taking a huge chunk off.

We used to have so much fun, didnt we? she tries again while my mouth is too occupied to argue.I quickly chew and swallow. Yes, it was fun—when we were twelve.

Whatever, spoilsport.

I laugh. Eat your lunch, I have class in ten minutes.Cops. You bitch… Again with the foul language, all directed at me. My brother used every foul word I had ever heard.

Leave. I shoved with all my might, hoping to close the front door. Caden yanked me forward and then, gasping with surprise and shock, I stumbled out into the cold. That was when my brother took a wild swing at me. Thankfully, I was able to step back in time to avoid getting hit. The action caused my brother to lose his balance and stagger sideways. It was a major accomplishment that he managed to remain upright, although he stumbled several feet before he could stop himself.I groaned inwardly when I noticed two police officers getting out of their cruiser and running across the lawn.

As soon as Caden saw the police, he cursed me again and took off in a desperate run. One of the officers raced in pursuit while the second approached me.Are you okay? the female officer asked.