Rhys’ eyes sharpened. Braydon: Hey gorgeous. How’s your day?

As she was about to drag me yet again to the ship, I craned my neck up to meet her eyes and begged, Aisha, I don’t think this is the best way to do this. I really don’t. I gritted my teeth. I really, really don’t. I couldn’t even cut through that monster’s neck with the blade. The bone was hard as a rock.

He looked at her blankly.I am shopping for a husband, she said, speaking to him as if he were a halfwit.

How mercenarily put, he murmured.She pursed her lips. It’s what it is. And you had probably best get used to it for your own sake. It’s precisely how the ladies will soon be talking about you.He ignored the latter part of her statement. Do you have a particular gentleman in mind?

She shook her head. Not yet. I imagine someone will pop to the forefront once I start looking, though. She was trying to sound jolly about it, but the truth was, her voice was dropping in both tone and volume. I’m sure my brothers have friends, she finally mumbled.He looked at her, then slumped back slightly and stared at the water.

I’ve shocked you, she said.

Normally, I’d take great pleasure in that, she said, her lips twisting ironically.God, Francesca said baldly. And I do believe I have been given divine leave to murder you.

Hmmph, was Hyacinth’s response. If it was that easy, I’d have asked permission to eliminate half the ton years ago.Francesca decided just then that not all of Hyacinth’s statements required a rejoinder. In fact, few of them did.

Oh, Francesca! came Violet’s voice, thankfully interrupting the conversation. There you are.Francesca looked up to see her mother entering the breakfast room, but before she could say a word, Hyacinth piped up with, Francesca was just about to kill me.