Shameless (The House of Rohan #4) Dark Descent (Dark #11)

The three of them walked into the grand foyer, and the first thing they saw was Lassiter on the couch in the billiards room. He was clicking the remote at the T.V. and swearing.

Well, hed fixed that.Trying to be surreptitious, he leaned to one side and looked into the front hall. No Blay. And no Blay coming down the stairs, either. Or emerging from the back of the house. And Qhuinn was far too scattered to be able to sense the guy.

Hmm, how to put it into words—Is Blay here?As his mouth opened and the syllables came out, the males parents froze.Blays father frowned and glanced at Big Lyric. Hes just on the back porch. Where else would he be?

Lyric, on the other hand, clearly knew what was up. Why dont you go get him? Then she looked at her hellren. Honey, grab Lyric out of that enormous carbon-footprinted nightmare, will you?As Blays dad hopped on that duty, Qhuinn felt like hugging the female. So he did—and the fact that she accepted his embrace so readily gave him hope.

Go on, now, she whispered in his ear. You two work out whatever this is. Well watch the young.

When Qhuinn straightened, something of what he was feeling must have shown in his expression, because she reached up and stroked his face.I will now. Thats all that matters. I have … no interest in pursuing murder.

Tohr just shook his head. Nothing of consequence. In the larger scheme of things.Something rang in the back of Vs head, but he couldnt put his finger on it, and man, that was really fucking irritating. But he was tired, and not just because his body was exhausted from lack of sleep.

Wrath sat forward. Listen to me. The war is grinding down, were so close to ending this. I dont want the distraction for you people. I dont want you bunch of hardheaded assholes chasing after five douchebags just because they once had a political agenda that included my head on a plate. Xcor knows where we live. He hasnt done shit about it. Hes been staying with Layla for the last forty-eight hours and I feel their connection. He is also fully committed to this brokered peace and getting the fuck out of Caldwell. There is no more conflict and not just because I say so.I know. Tohr walked over to the fire and stared into the flames. I, ah, my Wellsie would have been two hundred and twenty-six years old three nights ago. My young that she carried would have been two and a half years old. I think thats getting to me.