Right, says the man. But I think susan believes her. The girl laughed, and Avery found herself smiling. Uncle Liam.

With an obliging nod, his sister headed for the archway, and as she went by Chantal, she paused and glanced back at him. Make sure the butler checks her suitcases for jewelry.

‘Okay,’ she said, pulling out a tissue and wiping her face.‘Tell you what, I’ll nip back, put the kettle on. You just talk. Course, you’ll feel like a lunatic at first, but there’s no one about . . .’

He patted Erika on the shoulder and started off down the path. She watched as he walked away. He turned and smiled, before picking his way cautiously through the graves and down to the village. She noticed how similar his gait and his movements were to Mark’s. She turned back to the grave.‘So, I solved five murders . . . And I narrowly escaped the murderer, twice,’ she said. ‘But, that’s not what I came up here to tell you . . .’Her phone rang in her pocket. She pulled it out. It was Moss.

‘Hello, boss. I thought, it’s been a couple of months, and I’d give you a call . . .’‘Hello,’ said Erika.

‘Is it a bad time?’

‘No, well, I’m . . . I’m just at Mark’s grave.’‘And you’re stuck with me.’

I expected him to respond, at least with some witty comeback or snide remark, but instead he just stared into space.‘Kaspar?’ He didn’t answer. Resigning myself to wait I simply sat as the minutes fell away, sipping on the lethal remainder of my tea.

‘Violet, I have something to tell you.’My heart stopped. I knew the tone he used; it was the tone the consultant used when she called Lily and my parents to her blank room, or the tone the policeman used when I answered the door to find him with his hat in hand, asking to speak to my parents about Greg.