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That’s an oxymoron.

I am neither a Demigod’s daughter nor a Demigod’s shortsighted girlfriend. She patted me again. Time to work. The faster we get these fuckers in bodies, the more sleep we can get. Oh, and I’m hungry. We’ll need to fuel up after this is done. Lots to do, lots to do. Let’s get some dead guys in bodies! She slapped her hands together.Butterflies filled my belly, but I didn’t think about what was to come. I couldn’t. If I did, I’d probably get cold feet and run off. Maybe lose it and roll down the driveway.

Okay, I said with a sigh.John, she said, at her Necromancy table. Come stand beside me. Yup. There you are. What a good, strong soul you got, huh, John?I don’t need to be corralled or controlled. I know what I’m about, John said. Just put me in a body and stand aside.

Bria grabbed her supplies. The strong and silent type, I like it.I sighed and relayed what he’d said. This process would’ve been so much easier if she could see and hear spirits, too.

That’s a maybe, John, she replied. I’ve found that even well-balanced spirits lose it when they get in a cadaver. But if you can manage, I’ll leave you to it, how’s that? She paused and he stared at her. Is he talking, or…

A woman like this could never work for someone like Valens, that’s for sure, John muttered, following her toward a body.The third floor… He glanced back in confusion.

Keep it together, man. Now is not the time to forget your whereabouts. This is your house, remember? You live here. You know it like the back of your—I cut off when a woman with long blonde hair and a glowing blue dress drifted toward us. Her feet stayed perfectly still, sliding against the smooth ground.

Marlene, the man spat, his confusion dissolving instantly. Irritation took its place. She always turns up when I use these hallways. One moment of weakness and she haunts me forever.I heard that, Marlene said as she drew near. Her liquid brown eyes settled on me. One moment of weakness… She laughed, a shrill sound. Is that what you’re calling it? Weakness?