Kiss of Darkness (Alliance Vampires #7) Gio (5th Street #2)

You want to tell me what happened?

He waited, expecting the angel to come through the door. Break free of the walk-in closet. Slither out from under the bed. The guy was always around, whether you wanted him or not.But he should have known better. Ten minutes, and absolutely-no-angel later, it seemed kind of fitting that the one time he wanted the bastard to show up, the fucker played ghost.

Pulling on a fresh suit jacket, Trez left his room and took out his phone again as he headed for the grand staircase. He texted Xhex as he went on the descent, and was surprised when he got a ping right back. Usually shed be checking the liquor in—Oh. Got it. Snowstorm, club closed, no one going anywhere in the city.As he hit the foyer, he crossed over the mosaic depiction of an apple tree in full bloom and zeroed in on the billiards room—where, like, three quarters of the Brotherhood were milling around with pool cues and booze in their hands.

Butch came over to him, the former human cop looking sharp as hell, as usual. You going to join us? You want a drink?Before he could answer, Xhex came around from behind the bar. Yeah, I made the call about closing. The bouncers were phoning me, saying they couldnt get across town, the bartenders, too. No working girls. The only thing that showed up was the liquor delivery and the DJ, although the latter was only on the premises because he got too wasted last night and had to crash in the back.

Trez gave Butch a no-thanks and turned to Xhex. I dont think weve ever been closed on a Thursday night.

Firsts come when you least expect them.Hed often wondered whether he was crazy. Like, intrinsically so.

His emotions had always been so extreme, jumping from mania to anger, that hed sometimes worried that one day he was going to spiral off on the top end of one of those pendulum swings, never to return to sanity again. Maybe that had finally happened. And if it had? The last thing Mary needed after what had gone on last night was to learn that he was clinically insane.Because, shit, why else would he feel so damn weird in his own skin?

Damn it, it was like hed won the lottery only to find out he was allergic to the cash or some shit.He shook himself. Im sorry, what?