Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack #1) The Early Asimov Volume 3

It’s true, he insisted. Allie always said it was one of the most romantic things she’d ever heard. For her, it proved that love was the most powerful force on earth. Before we were married, she was engaged to someone else. You knew that, right?

Logan said nothing, his expression frozen with fury. I’d never seen him like that before. He looked different—threatening and dangerous—but I knew it was because he cared about me and wanted to protect me. But still, the knowledge that he’d paid guards the first time Kurt was arrested didn’t sit well with me. Was there a dangerous side to Logan I didn’t know about?I suddenly remembered my mother warning me about an arrest on his file.

Harry tapped his notepad against his leg. It seems you have your own buddy system, Mr. West. As for the district attorney, I will make sure they have everything they need to properly prosecute this case.Logan opened his mouth to respond but I spoke up, ending the exchange before it got any more heated.Harry’s smile was sweet and genuine as he looked to me. Cassandra, I promise you we’ll do everything we can. You’re family to the station—to me.

Logan sighed when I placed my hand on his leg, but it did nothing to relax his set jaw and hard stare focused on the floor.All right. Harry closed his notepad and stood. I think we have all we need for today. I’ll be in touch.

He tipped his hat, then turned toward the officers pooled in the hall to leave the room just as my mother burst through the front door. I leapt up, wanting to cry at the fear in her bright-red eyes that glistened with unshed tears.

Cassandra, thank God, Cassandra!The door to Logan’s office was open, so I walked in. He stood behind his desk, phone in hand, looking down at nothing.

Hey, I said, almost in a whisper. The thick air crackled around us.Logan raised his head, set the phone on his desk, and walked across the room. I met him halfway, where he hauled me into his arms, holding me close. He exhaled, his body wound tightly with tension so tangible I could feel it radiating off him.

I pulled back and cupped his face. His usually vibrant blue eyes were hooded and tired.Everything okay? I made dinner. Jax is downstairs getting Oliver ready to come over.