Lirael (Abhorsen #2) Vampire a Go-Go

Dad, you cant miss work. You already missed too much when you sliced open your arm in February. You cant lose your job.

Ellie! Hey—hold up!I stop, cause theres no point in running. I take a breath and prepare to lie. Because Im not ready to tell him yet. Not like this, out on the street, next to a Dumpster that smells like its got a dead body rotting away inside. I spin around and plaster a big smile on my face.

Logan! Hey! Fancy meeting you here—its a small world after all.Hes staring at my dress, looking . . . flustered. Logan is never flustered. What are you wearing?You look . . . bloody fantastic.

Just as Im about to smile, he snaps out of it. And Special Agent Pissed-Off is back in charge. What the hell are you doing here, Ellie? Youre supposed to be out with Fulton.My night with George ended early. I wasnt feeling it. So, I decided to go . . . sightseeing. I lift my hands to the . . . row of crumbling small houses with overgrown gardens and sinking roofs. I shouldve thought that one out better. And I got lost. You know me . . . silly, flighty Ellie.

He braces his hands on his hips, frowning down at me in that sexy way of his. You cant wander around—especially not here. Come on, Ive got my car—Ill take you home.

A drunk on the corner slurs, Ill take ye home, luv. Grab my cock tight and Ill show ye the way.Anna met Hosteens eyes and then showed him what being an Omega really meant as she flooded the room with her own particular and peculiar power.

Charles jumped rather than ran down the stairs, conscious of startling Kage when he landed beside Josephs son at the foot of the stairs with more sound than he usually allowed himself. But just now Charles was more interested in speed than stealth.He threw open the door to the room where Hosteen had stashed Kages wife. And jumped back like a scalded cat almost before he felt the touch of Annas magic.

Heyya, Charles, slurred Hosteen as though he were drunk. He was leaning against the wall on the far side of where Anna had dropped her knitting in a deep red tangle of yarn and needles. Come join the par-ty. Then Hosteen giggled.Anna gave Charles a helpless look, her back to the werewolf and the bed.