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Cecilia rose once again to her feet, moving aside so that the doctor could take her place at Edward’s side. He was struggling, she said. He’s confused.

What’s the matter? she asked.He pulled her towel back around her, tucking it in between her breasts, stopping to brush a sweet kiss to her lips. I’m sorry. I have to go. Sean’s in trouble.

Her heart stopped. Do you need help?No, I’ve got it. We’ve been around this block before, more times than I can count.But . . . She ran her gaze down his body, letting it catch on the unmistakable bulge behind his button fly. Now?

Yeah. He ran the pad of his thumb along her jaw and kissed her again. Thanks for giving me a taste of you, he murmured against her mouth. I already want another.And then he was gone, leaving her sitting there, mouth open, blinking like a land-locked fish at the open doorway he’d just vanished through.

I want a taste of you too, she said to the empty void he’d left behind. She looked around her at the steamy bathroom. I don’t even know what just happened, she told it.

But she totally did—she’d just complicated things even more. And in an irreversible way, too.Right after I tried it on . . . just once.

And who could blame me? I’d never worn a gown this exquisite in my life. I’d never had a reason to.The ring of my cell phone in the other room captured my attention, and I marched out to retrieve it. The only people who called me were my mom and Bethany. The number on the screen was one I didn’t recognize.

Miss Bell, a deep, slightly familiar voice said.Cooper Kingsley. Did you receive the dress?