A Dance at the Slaughter House (Matthew Scudder #9) The Nymph King (Atlantis #3)

In reply, the words that came out of him were mumbled, so indistinct she had to bend closer to try to decipher them: The war has to end. And there is only one way to destroy the Omega. It was foretold. The prophecy must be realized and that can happen but one way.

You would put your tongue here—Xcor lunged at her, moving so fast he wasnt aware of making the decision to get on her. And he was rough, shoving her hand out of the way and sealing his mouth on her sex, taking what he wanted, what she had teased him with.

Now she was the one throwing hands out, looking to keep herself in some semblance of physical order. But he was having none of that. He yanked her down flat on the tile, slapped his palms on the inside of her thighs, and butterflied her open, going in deep with his tongue, consuming her.She came hard against his face, her hands spearing into his damp hair, pulling at it until it hurt. Not that he gave a shit. All he cared about was getting into her, making her say his name, marking her with his lips and tongue.Even as a release claimed her and she jacked up off the tile, her shoulders jutting back, her breasts surging up, the water on her skin making her flesh gleam in the low light, he wasnt getting enough.

Xcor mounted her and pushed his cock in deep, his fingers biting into her hip bones and holding her as he started to pound. Now her breasts were kicking this way and that, and her lower teeth clapped into her upper ones, and her arms flapped. But her eyes were like fire as the animal in him subjugated the animal in her.He pulled out at the last minute, rising above her, his shoulders blocking the spray of the shower. Grabbing his erection, he was even more brutal with himself than he had been with her, yanking at his sex, making himself come.

So that he covered her.

It was the marking of a bonded male, a practice done so that any other male in her presence would be fully warned that if he approached her, he had best beware.All at once, alarms started to go off with renewed panic, the shrill sounds cutting through the fragile connection between mother and daughter, bringing the medical staff toward the bed in a rush.

Mahmen! Bitty grabbed on with both hands. Mahmen! Dont go!Mary was forced to pull Bitty out of the way as Havers started barking orders. The girl fought against the hold, but then collapsed as she screamed, her arms stretching toward her mother, her hair tangling.

Mary held on to the small straining body. Bitty, oh, God . . .Havers got up on the bed and began chest compressions as the crash cart was brought over.