Do you cruise often? Lori asked him once they were seated. Is everything all right? Her eyes searched his.

My technique of rotting the strands until they were pliable worked. The overall result gave us something to drape without being stiff and scratchy. And I’d already thought up new ways on how to refine the concept with scraping the filaments before soaking, thrashing them, bruising them. Experiments that would hopefully yield something better.

I would protect her, care for her, tend to her needs, and do my best for the kids and our future.But anything else, I couldn’t do.

As of right now, every desire and trickle of lust would be shot down and destroyed.I refused to live a life trapped in paradise with a woman who didn’t want me.My heart couldn’t take it.

My body couldn’t stand it.The hope I’d stupidly clutched onto was dead.


Love is a complicated entity. Love is the worst affliction imaginable.The entire descent, my mind had exploded with worst-case scenarios of agonising pain and horrific death. Of slamming into the earth, erupting into fire, burning to char with the scent of flesh in my nostrils.

The atmosphere of the flight had switched completely the moment the first judder bar turned into a bloody loop de loop. It wasn’t ordinary turbulence—this had been mean, furious—a demon dog toying with its prey.While passengers had remained locked in their useless seats, air-hostesses quickly secured the cabin and buckled in. The wind howled louder outside, continuing to tumble us through the clouds.

I’d looked across the cabin to Unknown Girl and wished I’d been a better person, a braver bloody man. I should’ve said hello, given fate time to show why we had a connection.But I hadn’t, and that opportunity had been snatched away as the wings of the plane shuddered and bowed.