Bite Club (The Morganville Vampires #10) Con & Conjure (Raine Benares #5)

I did have some word on them, but none of its good. Lydia smiled sadly at her. The two you were looking for—Terpsichore and Melpomene—are confirmed dead, along with Calliope, Euterpe, Clio, Thalia, and Urania. The other two have been missing for centuries and are presumed dead.

He and Brother Wolf had long ago conceded that they had been wrong not to do something, too.The peanut butter, Charles said, reminded my father that hed been doing battle with a child. Someone hed sworn to protect. And because he had felt he was losing that war, hed hit someone who couldnt defend herself. My da is not humbled very often, but Mercy managed it that time. He brought flowers for Evelyn and apologized in person, then in public. To her, to Bryan—to Mercy, too. After that, Mercy would come to the evenings in that same outfit every time. She would sit at the piano for five minutes with her hands folded in her lap. My father would thank her gravely for her performance, she would bow her head like a Samurai warrior, and they were done. It lasted until Evelyn died—about two years, I think—then Mercy sat in the audience, and my father quit asking her to play.

Is that why he ended the evenings? Anna asked.He shook his head. It was when he sent her away.Anna knew the story, so he didnt repeat it. His brother had decided that a sixteen-year-old coyote-shifter Mercy might be a way for him to have children who survived and set about courting her. Bran had intervened before Samuel had done irreparable damage to her—or to himself. But it had cost them all anyway.

We had a couple more musical nights after she went to live with her biological mother. At the second one, Bran concluded by saying that they had served their purpose, and it was time to move on.Without Mercy to battle, it wasnt fun anymore, said Anna.

Thats what I think, Charles said. No one ever had the nerve to ask my da.

No wonder Leah thinks reestablishing that tradition would be bad news, Anna said thoughtfully. Maybe we should make this barbecue a onetime event.Ten days is a long time to maintain high title1=, he said.

Shutting barn doors after the cows are already out, agreed Tag, rounding the corner. But it would be stupider not to shut em if we still have a few cows inside.Sometimes Im glad I dont know how your mind works, Sage said, trailing behind Tag.

If he were the opposition team, Charles thought, hed wait two weeks—two months, assuming time wasnt a factor—before moving again. Maybe Charles would get lucky, and their enemy was impatient, or time was a factor.Hopefully, in ten days, Da would be back, and this would be his problem. The traitor would be his das problem. And the artifacts currently in the back of Charless truck would be Brans problem.