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Don’t you have school or something? I didn’t want him to go with me, not if Olivia’d gotten herself in trouble, but I couldn’t very well tell him that. He’d only insist on coming with more.

I didn’t feel good or wet or warm—or any manner of things a man might say to a woman as he entered her.Sucking in a breath, he thrust, sliding inside me.

The friction of the scaffold behind me bruised my spine as Jethro held me firmer in his arms. Instinct made me wrap my legs around his hips as he buried himself deeper and deeper.He groaned as I rocked on him. My desire stole the pain of his size, twisting it into a heady aphrodisiac that made me cry out with longing.Every inch of him invaded me—stretching me, claiming me.

Jethro bit my neck, trailing teeth down oversensitive skin. I belong in you.I shuddered as his hips pulsed. I couldn’t agree more.

His arms tightened as he secured me in his grip; his legs spread further to balance. I knew he was preparing himself for an unrelenting pace, and my unrequited orgasm bloomed into being, eager, aching.

He thrust particularly hard, his muscled stomach kissing mine with every stroke.Surprised he wanted to work with me again? I’m not. The Lament did fucking brilliantly. We smashed it at the box office.

I look up at the stage where Natasha and Gabriel are standing, waiting to present the award to the winner, which they’re going to announce at any moment now.I mean, they’re two of my closest friends. It has to be me. It’s fate.

Please, God, let it be me. I’ll stop cursing so much if I win this. Not altogether, of course, because that would be near on fucking impossible.My heart is beating so hard in my chest, it feels like I’m going to crack a rib.