The entire table looked up at me but I didn’t give a shit. I was upstairs. I’m here looking at baby grands.

So, Carla. In your professional opinion, do you really think the pills are working? Olly asks. His voice is overflowing with optimism.

Air caught in my throat. I can tell.He rested his forehead against mine. I’m sure you can. He dropped his trembling hands to my waist. But I don’t want to rush you. I mean, I’m ready. I’ve been ready, but I want you to be—

I’m ready, I said, and the moment I said it, I knew it was true.Jensen drew back and his eyes were wide. Are you . . . are you sure? We don’t have to.I know we don’t. Taking a deep breath, I unhooked the first button on my jeans and pulled down the zipper. But I’m sure.

Jensen briefly closed his eyes as he made this deep sound and then he clasped my cheeks. Tilting my head back, he kissed me. There was nothing slow or soft about it. I felt branded, scorched all the way through.He pulled away to ask, Do you have a condom? I don’t.

I do, I admitted. He drew back, surprise filling his features. Biting down on my lip, I shrugged. When Gavin and I were together, I got some just in case. Well, Linds got me some. I shook my head. It doesn’t matter. I have some.

It’s okay. You don’t need to explain. He smiled. I’m just glad you have them.Yes. I glance up and find my reflection. My flushed skin feels hot, and my nipples harden beneath my form-fitting button-down top.

Good. I want you to slip your hand into the front of your panties and tell me how good it feels.I can’t, I say softly.

Brielle. His tone is firm, and a pang of regret hits me. I don’t like disappointing this man. Would it help if you knew I had my cock in my hand, and it’s rock hard and aching? All I can think about is your tight little cunt squeezing me.My body clenches at his words. It shouldn’t, but the luxurious opulence of the bathroom is inviting. If Hale were here, he’d lift me onto the marble counter, push my skirt up my thighs, and fuck me hard and fast while I held on to his solid biceps and shoulders. It’s an enticing thought.