Everywhere and Every Way (Billionaire Builders #1) Annabel (Delirium #0.5)

Miranda bristled at the condescension in his voice and was not quite able to keep the insolence out of hers , as she said, "Well, now you do."

"Yes, work." Olivia wrenched the pillow away and tossed it on the floor. "I've had the most wonderful idea. It came to me in a dream.""You're joking."

"Very well, I'm joking, but it did come to me this morning as I was lying in bed." Olivia smiled- a rather feline sort of smile, actually, the sort that meant she'd either had a flash of brilliance or was going to destroy the world as they knew it. And then she waited- it was about the only time she ever waited- and so Miranda rewarded her with "Very well, what is it?""And Winston."For a moment, Miranda couldn't speak. Then- "You're mad."

Olivia shrugged and sat back. "Or very, very clever. Think of it, Miranda. It's perfect."Miranda couldn't imagine thinking of anything involving gentlemen just at the moment, much less one with the Bevelstoke surname, even if it wasn't Turner.

"You know him well, and you're of an age," Olivia said, ticking the items off on her fingers.

Miranda shook her head and escaped off the other side of the bed.Oh, sure, I said, leaping to my feet a little too quickly. Um… I headed for his wheelchair, and pushed it to the side of his bed. He immediately grabbed one of its handles and began attempting to pull himself onto it. I clutched his shoulder and said, Let me help you with that. Don’t want you falling.

He grimaced, looking loath to accept my help, and I feared for a moment that I might have even offended him by offering it.His response piqued my curiosity further about his past. It showed that he was instinctively independent, which appeared to confirm my suspicion that he had not always been paralyzed.

I made a mental note to record that observation in my notebook when I next got the chance.I reached an arm around his waist, assisting him in sliding into the chair. Then I bent down, guiding his feet to the footrests. I grabbed some blankets and wrapped them around him.

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