Real (Real #1) A Lowcountry Wedding (Lowcountry Summer #4)

She was actually shorter than Harper, but it felt like she towered over her. There was something so imposing about her presence that Harper couldnt explain, and she swallowed back her fear.

We heard motors, Jonesy said after a long pause, as though whatever lived inside him had trouble with English. They rode all over. They couldnt find us, not through my glamour, but they wouldnt go away. Hester went wolf, so I followed her. In case someone needed to be able to talk.He hesitated. I thought they were just kids, you know? We get them now and again—and usually Hester can frighten them off without much trouble. Then his voice grew lighter, almost feminine, as he obviously imitated someone. A giant wolf is scary out in the woods. If people have a good way to leave—like a motorized vehicle—they do. Failing that, we can retreat all the way to Canada without crossing a major road. He cleared his throat, rocked back and forth a little, then bent his knees suddenly, dropping a foot or two in height with the motion. Balanced lightly on the balls of his feet, the fey looked up into Annas eyes. He gently pulled his hands out of hers.

In a hungry and rough voice, he said, Hester says not to kill anyone. His hands fell to the earth and dug into it. That is the first rule if we are to stay here. I cannot kill anyone.And there it was, revealed, the predator that Brother Wolf had sensed from the time theyd gotten out of the car.Anna held Jonesys gaze as carefully as she had held his hands. It was something another werewolf would never have done. Looking a stranger in the eyes was the first habit new wolves learned to break.

No matter how tough you are, there are other people who are tougher. Even Charles didnt meet a strangers eyes unless he had a very good reason—and there wasnt a werewolf outside of his immediate family hed ever found who could stare him down. But Anna was an Omega wolf who could meet the eyes of any without arousing another to challenge, her gaze warm and caring, like a blaze of peace in a world of war.Under Annas peculiarly effective sympathy, Jonesys body relaxed, and his hands stilled, though he was still bent low in a posture that would be awkward if anyone less graceful had held it.

These people werent frightened off? Anna asked.

Jonesy shook his head. There was something about them that made Hester say they were connected to the people whove been flying over us.But Sartaq turned to her, examining her from head to toe and back again. There was little that he missed. They didnt mention that youre beautiful.

Nesryn opened and closed her mouth in what she was sure was an unflattering impression of a fish on dry land.With a wink, Sartaq strode ahead, calling, Ej. The rukhins term for mother, hed told her this morning. Nesryn hurried after him. They rounded the massive fire pit, the figure sitting atop the uppermost stair pulling back her hood.

Shed expected an ancient crone, bent with age and toothless.Instead, a straight-backed woman with braided, silver-streaked onyx hair smiled grimly at Sartaq. And though age had indeed touched her features … it was Bortes face. Or Bortes face in forty years.