France’s foreign ministry spoke to Turkish envoy to refute 'inaccurate, bias' claims Migrant workers in Malaysia to undergo coronavirus tests as curbs eased

My nipples twinged as blood raced faster.

I lift my hands so they’re illuminated under the dim light above us and he looks down, tracking my movements, staring at my open palms with wide eyes. See these hands? I ask, closing my palms into fists. They are three seconds away from pounding the piss out of you.Zeke— Violet tries to cut in, but I cut her off.

What’s it going to be asshole? Are you going to walk away, or am I going to take these fists and smash them into your face?Zeke! Violet gasps out a sob. P-P-Please.The guy looks back and forth between us, trying to decide what our relationship is, internally debating about how strong I actually am. If he can take me in a fight. How far he can push and push before I knock him on his ass.

If the stammering girl is worth getting his teeth knocked out.The bag of crap decides she’s not, rolling his eyes at us and shoving his hands into the pockets of his khakis. Khakis—who wears those to the fucking bar anyway?

Wisely, he takes a step back. Whatever dude.

Then another, until he’s backing away. Vanishing into the crowd, out of sight.She would know that I was coming for her.

The next night, Edith fulfilled her promise.Her shift started at 10:00 p.m. and by half past, she appeared in my room bearing a gift in the form of a brand new phone.

I couldn’t speak as I took the box, digging my fingers into the cellophane. Motherfucking tears actually sprang to my eyes at the thought of finally having a way of contacting Nila while we were apart.Fuck, I need to hear her voice.