I bet they’d celebrate. Our life was starting. We were growing up.

Something touched my leg! SOMETHING TOUCHED MY FUCKING LEG! she screams.

She is always at my place anyway.My parents totally support her moving in, and Teddy’s mom has been awesome too, glad her daughter will be struggling a lot less.

Do you know what your sister sent me?Shit. My sister is becoming worse than my mother, sending ridiculous gifts, notes, and stupid shit Teddy is never going to use. Like inappropriate stationary, T-shirts with quotes on them, and gold bracelets—with profanity.Actually, I think you do. She slowly lifts the hem of a pink shirt that says Spread kindness like confetti. Out peeks a bit of red lace that covers her entire stomach.

It’s a teddy. She laughs. Get it?My sister sent you lingerie? What the hell is wrong with her?

It’s a teddy, Kip. A teddy? She stares at me, waiting for it to sink in, but I’m slow. Surely you haven’t been knocked on the head that much.

She goes for the fly of her jeans, unbuttoning them slowly, then pushes the denim down her slim hips. Turns and heads toward the stairs, red lace thong nestled neatly between two very sexy ass cheeks.The best part? I’m not wearing a bra.

I should text my friends to let them know I’m outside.A curt nod. You do what you gotta do.

A few minutes slowly tick by before Mariah replies: Outside where?What does she mean, she left? Without telling me?