Cameroon opposition say one killed in protest against veteran ruler Senate to consider massive spending bill, faces Trump objections

When he still doesn’t answer, I genuinely start to worry. Drew, you seriously need to give me a sign here. If not, I’m going to assume you’re actually dying and call nine-one-one.

I fill her in on Drew and Steven and Alexandra and how growing up with them saved me from ever feeling like an only child. I tell her about the coolest four-year-old I know, Mackenzie, and that I would hang with that kid every day of the week if I could.By the time I finish my fourth beer, two and a half hours have flown by. When Dee hits the bathroom, I whip out my phone.

I have six texts. They’re all from Steven.They vary in their degrees of panic. Wanna see?Dude ur late—starting without you

Come on, man, I’m in the shit and outnumbered. Where the hell r u?Where’s the goddamn aerial support? My men are dying out there!

Not going out like this—taking as many of them with me as I can. Ahhhhhhhh!

Thanks a lot, dumbass. I’m dead. If you make a move on my widow I’ll haunt you.And miss the preparty? No way.

I was hoping his plane would get hijacked by bloodthirsty terrorists. The kind that like to cut off body parts and FedEx them back to the family, one by one. Oh, well. There’s always the return flight. It’s important to stay positive about these things.His attention turns toward me. His eyes look me up and down stiffly. Evans.

He turns around and zeroes in on James. Warren scoops him up and exclaims, What are you feeding this kid, Kate? He’s so much bigger than the last time I saw him.Yeah. Shocking. ’Cause babies don’t usually grow or anything.