The Countess (Madison Sisters #1) Fighting to Survive (As the World Dies #2)

The man took a step, and Aedion suppressed the urge to push her behind him. To draw his sword on the man whose gray eyes widened—and shone with tears.

And offer them what? The mountains have belonged to us since before Gavin Havilliard sat on his throne.Yrene muttered, Offer them the damn moon, if it will convince them to help.

His father smirked. Can you offer such a thing, as the heir apparent to the Healer on High?Careful, Chaol growled.His father ignored that, too. I would rather have my head on a pike than give the wild men of the Fangs an inch of Anielles land, let alone ask them for aid.

I hope your people agree, said Yrene.His father let out one of those joyless laughs. I like you better than the assassin-queen, I think. Perhaps marrying the rabble will breed some backbone into our bloodline once more.

Chaols blood roared in his ears, but Yrenes lips curved into a smile. Youre exactly as Id pictured you to be, she said. His father only inclined his head.

Prepare this city, this keep, Chaol managed to say through his gritted teeth. Or youll deserve everything you bring down upon it.Aelin halted a few feet away from the boat and Rowans outstretched hand. She turned back toward the cave itself. The Little Folk peeked from those birch branches, from the rocks, from behind stalagmites.

Slowly, deeply, Aelin bowed to them.Rowan could have sworn all those tiny heads lowered in answer.

A pair of bony grayish hands rose above a nearby rock, something glittering held between them, and set the object on the stone.Rowan went still. A crown of silver and pearl and diamond gleamed there, fashioned into upswept swans wings.