Surrender Your Love (Surrender Your Love #1) The Accidental Vampire (Argeneau #7)

That doesnt mean I cant fucking do it.

Yes. Youre getting stronger, which means youre learning to hold things in. He lay down, closing the matter. Now add a song to it.What should I sing? I sighed, turning to face the wall.

Not Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Duncan grimaced. Ive had that stuck in my head for some reason.Ive always been partial to the Beatles, Tove said.I glanced over at Duncan, who smirked with surprise. Sighing again, I started singing Eleanor Rigby. I messed up the words a couple times, but Tove didnt complain, which was good. It was hard enough trying to do this and remember the lyrics to a song I hadnt heard in years.

I hope Im not interrupting. Eloras voice ruined any semblance I had of concentration, so I stopped singing and turned to face her.Duncan scrambled out of the chair, but not before I caught sight of the nasty glare she shot him. He looked down so his hair would cover the crimson blush on his cheeks.

Not really. I shrugged. For once, I was actually happy to see Elora, since her arrival meant a reprieve from all of this.

Elora surveyed the room with disdain, but I wasnt sure what met her disapproval, since she had to at least have had a hand in the design. She stepped into the room, her long gown pooling around her feet. Tove didnt get up and watched her with offhanded interest.Vovó! Marisol snapped. Are you even serious right now!

The woman put her arm over her forehead. I am feeling faint. I feel no good—Alarmed, Assail all but lunged for the door. Madam! I must summon—

Baloney, Marisol said as she put her hands on her hips. Why arent any of those machines going off?Mrs. Carvalho dropped her arm and appeared irked by the logic. They no work. Pieces of junk.