Transcendence Getting Hotter (Out of Uniform #8)

She smiled as she saw the fruits of the twins labor for the first time. The stone houses they created for her pack were impressive. She walked down the wide street between the two rows of houses.

Meryn scowled. "They poke me with pins on purpose! And it's always, 'Hold still!' and 'You can't have to go to the restroom again!' Mean old biddies!"Sebastian made a clucking noise. "Poor darling. Do not worry Meryn, I have never stuck Bethy with a pin, and you can take as many breaks as you like."

Meryn thought for a moment then nodded. "Okay, but only to give my super dress a break every now and then. I had to stop wearing my other hoodies when they started to fit."Declan frowned. "That's good right?"Bethy grinned. "She wears them three sizes too big."

Understanding dawned on his face. "Oh."Magnus chuckled. "On that note," he turned to Sebastian and Ryuu. "Whenever you gentlemen are ready, let us begin."

Sebastian and Ryuu worked seamlessly serving the entire table. A large roast was brought to the center of the table along with three bowls of steaming vegetables. Basket after basket of fresh bread was set down and wine and water goblets filled. When everyone was served, Magnus smiled. "Micah, if you would please?"

Micah looked surprised but then started a low incantation. Adriel felt the pressure around them build then settle. Micah had encased the room in a sound-proofing spell.And the last time she’d pried, she’d put Michael’s mom in tears. She never wanted to make someone cry again.

Do you think I have a chance of getting an internship with those grades? Is there anything I can do to make my résumé more attractive?With Janie’s grades, her résumé was easy to overlook. However . . . The beginning of an idea took root in Stella’s mind, and she tilted her head, looking at Janie in a new light. Are you interested in econometrics?

Stella had filled out half of the necessary forms to open up an internship position in her department—of which she was the sole employee—when her phone buzzed. She dug it out of her desk and smiled at the message from Michael.She texted him back. Paperwork.