Twisted Together (Monsters in the Dark #3) Puzzles of the Black Widowers (The Black Widowers #5)

I laughed softly. I couldnt help it. Youre seriously asking me if youre enough for me? My heart overflowed. Jethro youre too much. Youre everything I could ever hope for. Why are you feeling insecure? I snuggled closer, pressing my cheek on his lapel, avoiding the diamond pin through the fabric. After everything weve been through, everything we said today and yesterday, youre afraid Ill divorce you and run?

I stop, dread twisting my stomach. Who?Your brother, my lord. Prince Niam.

Don't let the pretty baubles fool you, Princess. We are still demons. This is still a dangerous place.My fist smashes into Asher's face.He flies through the air, slamming into the wall of his chambers and falling to the ground. He rubs his chin, and Dean, who stands beside me, does the same in some strange sympathetic gesture. I glance between them, bewildered. Then focus back on Asher. How dare you not consult us?

He shrugs, still sitting on the floor by his bed. You were busy searching for Arianna. In fact, I'm curious as to why you have returned? I don't see the princess.We… I pause, deciding not to give too much away to my treacherous brother. We need to gather more supplies.

I see, says Asher. Well, just as you need supplies, I need security. That is why I summoned Niam. To discuss peace.

I clench my fists. Peace? He voted to have Arianna and I killed! What kind of peace can I make with him?I can't help but laugh. You make it sound so simple. But, it's hard knowing what is right.

He shrugs. Eh. Only if you overthink it.Tavian and Kayla find us. Are you ready to seek the moonlight steel? asks the traveler.

I think about all that Fen said, and I nod. Tell me what to do.Tavian guides us deep into the woods, to a place where beams of moonlight fall from the sky, so thick you can run a hand through them, and the wind sings a solemn song. A guardian awaits us there. A great stone beast with wings that do not fly, and eyes that are ever watching. I would call it a gargoyle, but this beast is more majestic than any gargoyle of my mind. It feels eternal.