I frowned. ‘Eh?’ Father, Ashwin gasps.

I lowered the webbing to my lap. It’s really sad about Monica. I’m guessing you haven’t heard anything new?

Heidi placed her bottle on the table, frowning. You did?I sighed. I didn’t think it was a big enough deal that anyone would hear about it.

She was regaling the entire table with tales of your viciousness, he added, eyes glimmering.Me? Forgetting about the whole eye screwing thing, I twisted toward him, which caused his knee to slide against the inside of my leg. My breath caught in my throat, and our gazes locked. I waited for him to pull back, but he didn’t. Neither did I. The grin on his face went up a notch.His lashes lowered. You.

For a moment I had no idea what he was talking about. Something to do with . . . ah, yes. Bitchiness. Wendy said I needed to cover up my face.He frowned. She said what?

I pointed at the strawberry mark. Said I was grossing her out.

Well, that’s rude. Heidi stuck out her lower lip. It’s not like you can help it.The last time we all were at the lake, back in July.

It had been the weekend of the Fourth of July, and we’d all been together—all of us. Someone had carted out an old charbroil grill, and Sebastian had the back of his Jeep open and the music turned up high.I sat with Abbi, Dary and Megan as Keith attempted to use snow skis on the lake. Everyone was laughing except Abbi. Her eyes... Her eyes were wide as she murmured over and over, He’s going to kill himself. We’re all about to watch him die.

But Keith hadn’t died.He’d fallen and yelled that he’d broken his butt or something. He’d dragged himself out of the lake, holding up his swimming trunks. Phillip and Chris had been waiting for him. I didn’t remember seeing Cody there.