Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky #1) Hyde (The Devil's Roses #3)

Almost five months. She smiled. Its so weird because Im already starting to feel more like a mom.

I turned back to her. Scouts?Theyre going to go out and find Viktor Dålig and Konstantin Black, Tilda explained. Theyre supposed to find the base camp, get a rough idea of how large Viktors operation is, and then report back to us. Based on the scouts information, well send out troops to find Viktor and everyone that works for him, and destroy them.

The Högdragen will stay behind, so Doldastams not left unprotected while all the trackers—sorry, troops—are off to war, Tilda finished, and I remembered the guards Id seen stationed at doorsteps.Until—and if—scouts found Viktor Dålig, we had no idea when or where he would strike again. That meant everyone here would be on high title1= as a precaution, especially since we still didnt understand what he or Konstantin wanted.And before you ask, no, you cant join the scouts, Tilda said, her eyes apologetic. Ridley told me to tell you.

Its probably just because youre injured, Ember said. Just like how I didnt go on the last mission, because Id broken my arm. She swung her arm around now, fully healed by medics since Bent Stum had broken it.Tilda looked down at me, her full lips pressed together and her eyes grim, and she didnt say anything. Like me, she knew my injury wasnt the reason I was being held back. Id already let Viktor Dålig get away once. They werent about to let me make that mistake again.

We should get training, I said, because I was tired of talking.

Tilda nodded then walked away, checking over the papers as she did. Ember led me to a spot on the mats where shed been practicing. Her partner had moved on to work with someone else, and when he saw that Ember would be training with me and not him, he appeared relieved.Well, listen a moment. I see a potential problem. That is you, and your friend Ben.

I shift, uncomfortable in my seat. What do you mean?Now dear, youve only been out of hospital, for what: three weeks?

Just over three weeks, then. Now, I know Ben is a good looking boy, and a decent one, too, by all accounts.I flush, beginning to see where this is going.