Shadow's Claim (The Dacians #1) No Rest for the Wicked (Immortals After Dark #3)

The only thing that could make him feel better was if his female—

I dont know. He shook his head helplessly. Why did the Capulets hate the Montagues?Lord Montague stole Capulets wife from him, I answered. It was a love triangle thing.

What? Loki asked. I dont remember Shakespeare saying that.I read it in a book somewhere. I waved Loki off. It doesnt matter. My point is—theres always a reason.Im sure there is one, Loki agreed.

For a moment, he let his gaze linger on me, his caramel eyes almost seeming to stare right through me. I became acutely aware of how close he was to me, and that we were hidden away in the privacy of his room.Lowering my eyes, I took a step back from him and demanded that my heart stop racing.

Now the principals have become too different, Loki said at last. The Vittra want more, and the Trylle want to hang on to their crumbling empire for dear life.

If anyone has a crumbling empire, its the Vittra, I countered. At least we can procreate here.The room was windowless, as had been every room Id seen, and the walls were dark mahogany. Despite its massive size, the room had a cavelike quality. One wall was covered floor-to-ceiling with bookcases, and a heavy wooden desk sat nearby. Several elegant red chairs were the only other furniture.

The largest one, with intricate designs on the wooden feet, sat directly across from us, and a man sat in it. His dark brown hair ran long, past his shoulders. He wore all black—pressed pants, a dress shirt, and a long jacket that resembled a robe. He was handsome, in a battled kind of way, and he appeared to be in his forties.Loki had been sitting in a chair, but he stood up when we came in. Froud the small dog had disappeared entirely, and I hoped they hadnt eaten it or something equally horrible.

Ah, Princess. The King smiled when he saw me but didnt get up. His gaze flitted over to Loki for the briefest of seconds. Loki, you are dismissed.Thank you, sire. Loki bowed and hastily departed. He left me with the impression that he didnt enjoy the company of the King, and that made me all the more nervous.