Palestinian protester killed in unrest over U.S. Mideast plan Austria bans indoor events of more than 100 people, minister says

Where are the others? I ask, worrying about him being alone when I’m possibly too weak to defend him.

Your boyfriend said the same thing.He’s not my boyfriend. I was getting a little tired of repeating this to everybody, mainly because I wanted the opposite to be true.

Well, I have to go, Millie. Dean is taking us to buy some things for our apartment. It’s really nice. Big. But all the neighbors are so young. It’s really weird to live here.Dean was helping them out? I bit my inner cheek but didn’t say a word. That was the main thing about the HotHoles. They were such assholes, but deep down, they had great hearts.And now, here I was, living my dream, or what was supposed to be my dream. I stared at my painting again, clutching a tall glass of champagne and taking a deep breath. Rosie should’ve been here, but she’d taken a double shift at the café. She didn’t want to do it, but she was covering for a sick co-worker, and Rosie knew how it felt to get screwed over by illness. She didn’t want the girl, Elle, to get in trouble.

It was fine. I didn’t need anyone to celebrate with me. Besides, I had Brent.A tall, beautiful woman in her early fifties approached me, wearing a black cocktail dress, a pearl necklace, and red lipstick. She smiled as she studied my painting on the wall.

Nature or love? she mused. She just wanted to start a conversation and had no idea I was the ELB who’d signed the bottom of the painting. Emilia LeBlanc.

Definitely love. I mean, isn’t it obvious? I quirked an eyebrow.Very well, he said.

In the meantime, Bashira had been preparing lots of food and water to take with us in case something happened and we got stuck out in the desert longer than we had expected. I wanted to stay at least the whole night in the desert, camp out in the car and keep an eye on the Americans to see what they were doing—assuming they were even still there.I gave my grandfather a hug. Then we exited the house and climbed back into the white truck.

We sped up along the road, and although the tank was nearly full, we stopped by a gas station and filled it right up. We also stocked up on some extra fuel just in case we ran out.And then we headed straight for the desert. We barely talked as we traveled beneath the late-afternoon sun. I just kept looking straight ahead through the windshield. About halfway, exhaustion caught up with me. My eyelids began to droop. I figured it was better to take a nap now than tonight when I needed to be title1= and watching. I drifted in and out of sleep for the rest of the journey.