'Unacceptable' if Mexicans subjected to medical abuse in U.S. custody, minister says Trump to host Israel's Netanyahu March 25-26: White House

If I got her drunk—I was free.

You’re overthinking it. Just—But what if I say something terrible? I’ve never been to a wedding or know what needs to be sworn. I’ll screw up. Our marriage will be a sham. My spine tickled with tears, the damn corset squeezed my ribs like a vice.

Q cupped my cheek, bringing me closer in a rustle of silk. His mouth rested on my ear, granting me strength. I’m just as nervous as you are. Guiding my hand, he placed it over his heart. The rapidly thudding muscle, that’d been through so much, thrummed beneath my fingers in a rugged tattoo. See. I’m terrified. But I want to know what’s in your heart. Dare, Tess. I dare you to tell me everything.Having his life-force beat beneath my fingertips tempered my panic. I laughed quietly. You’re daring me to say things I have no idea how to articulate. I had no idea what the correct etiquette was. What was forbidden to discuss—what was permitted. I don’t know what to say, Q.He pressed a whisper-soft kiss on my ear. Just say what’s in your soul. That’s all I’m going to do. Nothing you feel can be wrong, esclave. Trust it.

I sucked in a gulp of air, dragging his incredible aftershave into my lungs. Thoughts raced through my head. The truth—that’s where the horror lay.Memoires swarmed thick and fast.

I’d kill for you, Tess. I have killed for you. The day in Q’s office—the morning I was stolen.

Ah, esclave, this wasn’t supposed to happen. The evening he’d found me raped by Lefebvre.Insects with teeth and tiny claws shredded my intestines with rapid gnawing. My entire body itched and burned and I screamed. Then I coughed because my lungs couldn’t hold enough oxygen. I cried and coughed until I wheezed for breath and still the insects grew worse.

Leather Jacket and White Man looked on as the sensation crept up my arms, into my fingers, my toes, my stomach, my chest. My heart became infested with cockroaches. My tongue chewed on by locusts.I screamed as if my soul could fly free and evict itself from this prison of a body. This prison fast filling with murdering beetles and bugs. White Man morphed into a giant rodent, his perfect teeth elongated into yellow fangs. Leather Jacket evolved into a jackal, slobbering and laughing, growling and raging.

The girl next to me stayed pure and virginal, glowing white and silver with all the goodness in the world while the room began to dissolve, walls melted, paint dripped from the ceiling, scalding me as it landed on my na**d body.Leather Jacket with his jackal head started undressing. He removed his black jacket and slung it to the rapidly eroding floor. Flames licked the awful carpet, singeing a fiery path toward us.