‘Perfect,’ said Robbie. It was a bathroom, light gray slate and clean lines.

That’s what you said last time.

He looked up, his dark eyes as wicked as his smile. I can.She felt her lips part and knew she must look terribly foolish, just lying there staring at him like an idiot.

Just you wait, he said. Just you wait.But— Oh! She let out a squeal as he flipped off her shoes. One of his hands wrapped around her ankle, then teased its way up her leg.Did you imagine this? he asked, tracing the crease at the back of her knee.

She shook her head frantically, trying not to squirm.Really? he murmured. Then I’m sure you didn’t imagine this. He reached up and unsnapped her garters.

Oh, Benedict, you mustn’t—

Oh, no, I must. He slid her stockings down her legs with agonizing slowness. I really must.And then finally, from Anthony: Are you mad?

I thought this might be his reaction, Daphne murmured.Are you both completely, irrevocably, abominably insane? Anthony's voice rose to a roar. I don't know which of you is more clearly the idiot.

Will you hush! Daphne hissed. Mother will hear you.Mother would perish of heart failure if she knew what you were about, Anthony retorted, but he did use a softer tone.