Tell Me Your Dreams The Julius House (Aurora Teagarden #4)

There is no time to think. To plan. Only instinct drives me. The instinct of battle. Of survival. I dash forward, flinging my arm into the air. And I catch the dagger by the handle. A foot from the Druid's face. For a moment, he is not even aware of the happenings around him. For a moment, he is still finishing his sentence to me. But then he notices what has transpired. And his face fills with dread.

Fear grips me. Consumes me. I have failed. Our army is broken, gone. Even if I defeat Lucian, who is there left to save?I do not know who yet lives.

I saw Levi disarm him. Did he finish the job?What of Varis? Did he fall in battle?I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.

I can no longer walk. It's too hard. Too hard to keep going. I need to rest. Yes. Rest. I find a stone on the sand. A nice place to sit. To sit and close my eyes and rest.Yes. This feels good.

Dream of another time. A time that feels so long ago. When Fen first brought me to Stonehill. He showed me his favorite part of the castle. The great tree that grows through the center of the grand hall. I know it's not what people expect when they hear Prince of War, but— He grinned at me. Guilelessly. Beautifully. Like we shared a secret. He gave me a ring. And I remember thinking, no matter what happens, I will always be grateful for Fenris Vane.

A voice pulls me from my stupor.I chuckle. Perhaps. The joke seems to lighten our spirits.

Except Tavian. He looks down at the dirt, away from the corpses, his voice soft. There is truth to what you say, Fenris. One choice has many branching paths. Your brother, Levi, if defeated, will be remembered as a tyrant, a ruler of fear, yes. But what if he wins? What if he becomes king and destroys all Fae? Then those who are left, the vampires, how will they see him? Likely with respect, envy. And so Levi makes one choice, to torture the Fae and yet, in the end, he may be remembered as many different things.I nod, wondering how I will be remembered. Will I be the king who ruled by Arianna's side? The Prince who threw away the crown? Or the warrior who let the Midnight Star die? Perhaps something else entirely.

My horse stops. Baron growls. Something is wrong. I was distracted by my thoughts. A fatal error.I look up, pulling myself back to the present.