U.S. intends to call Manafort associate Gates as witness: prosecutor Scotland says not yet safe to lift COVID-19 restrictions in Aberdeen

Somehow I know that he's not talking about how I look on the outside, he's talking about what's on the inside. The life he can see burning brightly within me. And I feel beautiful, with his dark blue stare eating me up and the deep love and acceptance I feel radiating out from his gaze.

There is nothing to be done.All of this just . . . is.

Can I at least send you flowers? she says.I smile. I don’t think flowers are going to help me deal with the fact that I have a husband and a fiancé at the same time, I tell her.What you’re describing is completely absurd, she says. Flowers help with everything.

I laugh. Thank you, I say, for managing to be funny right now.And thank you for thinking that joking about intense things is appropriate, Olive says. Tracey does not agree.

Tracey is Olive’s girlfriend. I have to say that their pairing makes absolutely no sense to me. Tracey is serious and erudite and corrects other people’s grammar. She’s regal, thin, and gorgeous. Whereas the best part of Olive, to me, has always been that she says whatever pops into her brain, eats whatever is in front of her, and will try anything you propose.

Sam easily explains it away by saying that opposites attract, but I’m still digging for some piece that I’m missing. Sam must say to me, Do we really have to keep talking about Olive and Tracey? at least once a month.After Vivienne and Xavier’s wedding, things settled into more of a routine in The Shade. The humans’ residences were finished and I almost cried with joy upon seeing what a thoughtful job the witches had done. They’d created town houses, much like you’d see in any city, with all the amenities that a human could need.

Playgrounds were created for children. A group of witches even started up a school for them, which Abby eagerly attended.Ibrahim and Corrine managed to figure out a way to modify Cora’s spell to allow the sun to stream down onto a small stretch of beach, north of the island. Humans lounging around there, swimming in the sea and getting a tan, soon became a common sight.

But more than any of this, we instituted a law that any human was allowed to leave The Shade at any time. I persuaded Derek that even if they went to the police, there was no way they could ever find us. And, in any case, I trusted that most of the humans would not wish us harm any more. For The Shade was no longer the cruel dictatorship it once was. They were no longer treated as slaves, but as citizens.A good number of the humans jumped at the opportunity and left, but a surprising number stayed.