Huh? I massaged her weak and trembling fingers. The theme song of her life.

You want to be fucked hard. Taken and worshiped. Am I right? he asks, pinning me with that dark, sexy stare. It’s as if he’s reaching into my mind and determining my wants, needs, and filthiest desires before I even speak them.

Swallowing a sigh, I slumped in the chair. Of course I knew the drill. Talk about my feelings. Talk about my fears. Blah, blah. I wanted to get this over and done with. There was a strawberry smoothie at the end of this dark cloud. So I told him how I felt—how I was scared. I admitted that I was having nightmares, that every little sound had me jumping out of my skin.Dr. Oliver listened quietly, like he always did, fingers steepled under his chin. When I finished, he totally jumped right into the unexpected. So you’ve been hanging out with Jensen Carver again.

My brows climbed up my forehead. Exactly how he went from my fear of being murdered to who I was hanging out with was beyond me. How did you know?He smiled as he tapped a finger off his temple. I’m psychic.Dr. Oliver sighed. The window faces the front parking lot. He gestured behind him. I saw you get out of his truck.

Anyway. He drew the word out, and I cracked a grin. When did you guys start talking? After the night of the attack? When I nodded, his fingers went back to his chin. And how is your relationship?I could feel the heat creeping across my cheeks. It’s okay.

No. His lips pressed against my cheek. But I just want to clarify that. And you know what else I want?

By the way his body was pressed against mine, I had a pretty good idea of what he wanted. The same thing Gavin had wanted from me, but I hadn’t been ready to give.Gremlin? Is that you? I find that I'm the one squinting now, trying to understand how the girl I used to know by that nickname has transformed into this beautiful creature before me.

It's Mia now, she corrects me with a pout.Mia, fuck! I pull her into my arms, squeezing her against my chest. She's still the same height as when we were teens—barely clearing five feet, whereas I've sprouted up to a commanding six-foot-two.

Her posture relaxes once she's in my arms and she lets out a small chuckle. I didn’t think you recognized me at first.I've had a lot on my mind today. Besides you look just a little different than the last time I saw you. I release her and meet her eyes, and I can tell we're both remembering the last time we were together. We were fifteen years old and below deck on my dad’s boat while it swayed gently at the dock. She'd told me that she was moving. And then begged me to take her virginity. Which I did. My last memory of her is with blood smears on her thighs and tears blurring her emerald green eyes. I still feel like a shit for that night. Shame burns hotly through me, forcing me back into the present.